First week as teacher Ate Carmen

After the Christmas holiday, all the pupils at Papaya have their third-semester exams. That gives us two extra weeks to optimize our program. We finishing-touch our powerpoint, re-read our lectures and (so proud of what we've done, we almost become arrogant and completely forget the most important thing:) we get approval of all three persons in charge.

We first have an enjoyable rehearsal with all Papaya's teachers.
As sad as the fact is, we eventually will be leaving Manila. That's why we decide to teach the staff also. We hope that they will use our syllabus to continue teaching the Papaya students. Year after year after year :)
The teachers happily agree. And so there they are, Thursday afternoon, all nine grown-ups take place in our colorful and oh so cosy classroom. Like real students suppose to be they're motived, they're listening, participating, giggling, debating and of course laughing, a lot!

A few days later its our kick off, the first group of students enter the classroom. Eight girls, shy girls, listen carefully to what we tell them. They join our activities and complete the exercises we give them. It's not as interactive as we'd hoped for. Did they even understand what we are saying? Too much head nodding..
The second group that day is some what different. Again eight girls, but more curious and brave enough to ask us questions. Group four even makes us have to do an 'intervention', because one of the girls wrote down a shady message on the back of her classmate (instead of giving a compliment, as the activity was intended). Group five is very enthusiastic and leaves us a bunch of questions in the anonymous question-box. We find some very good questions about that days topics, but also funny questions like: 'why are you here?', 'what's your favorite food?' and (this one is interesting) 'why am I happy today?'

And so we find that each group has it's own way of participating, its own personality almost. For us very interesting to see all these various ways of responding to the topics we discuss.

FYI, this first week of the training we talk about puberty. An easy start, considering that soon we will scare them with subjects as intercourse, birth control and masturbation.

After three days of training we experience five completely different meetings. And after every meeting we make some small adjustments. It's like we tell our students: "We're not the only teachers here, we can learn from you as well!" AMEN! So again we fine tune our syllabus... Too much talking at our part (yawn yawn), not enough time for the assignments or a different choice of words. This last thing seemed important after a note in the question box saying 'Can I be your translator for our group?'. Woeps!

Marieke and I review the first week, we're satisfied and are both looking forward to next week!

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Mario 27-01-2014 22:03

Carmen and Marike
You can be very proud of your training program.
Lots of succes.

Sarah 29-01-2014 10:03

Wow girls. It seems a succes! Everybody curious at his own way ;-)
Great to see that..I suppose
Very curious about how they will react at the future subjects!
Wish you luck.


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